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Inspiring Spaces

Mountain Sophisticated

This modern farmhouse living room was reinvented and enriched with sophisticated metallic finishes and sculptural details. The result is a calm, polished aesthetic, and a...

Creativity in the City

The design work in this home joined the client’s spirited artistic flair with the practical needs of her family life. It showcases how thoughtful design...
Homestead Holiday Christmas Tree Design

Homestead Holiday

This project, aptly named "Homestead Holiday," showcases Kayla's ability to blend tradition with innovation, creating a festive atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring. The...




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Timeless Tailored

Experience timeless design and unique charm in our carefully curated living spaces. Your dream home awaits.

The Campbell Residence

The first time we drove up to the house we were in awe. The varied roofline, beautiful mix of wood and stone, and large windows are exactly our style.

Mountain Modern Vista

At Atelier Maison & Co., we specialize in transcending the ordinary and redefining the essence of luxury living through our curated interiors. Mountain Modern Vista, nestled in...

Moody Mountain Modern

Experience the allure of our Moody Modern Mountain home, where captivating features await at every turn. Marvel at the vaulted ceilings that expand the sense of space, indulge in the serenity of a screened-in porch...

The Sennett Residence

The Sennett Residence is an awe-inspiring architectural marvel, perched gracefully on the side of a majestic mountain. This modern-style home showcases a seamless...

Brush Creek English Modern

Discover the extraordinary in our European-meets-mountain home in Asheville. Its vaulted ceilings, reclaimed beams, and stone-clad entrance exude rustic elegance.