Team - Atelier Maison & Co.

About Us

Laura Sullivan

Anne Reveley

Sales Manager | Interior Designer
  • Movie Genre: Documentaries, Historical Romance, and anything on Turner Classic Movies!!
  • Most Alive: When I’m blessing someone else… teaching, mentoring, playing with my Grand “Littles”
  • Color: Chinese red, coral, creamy pale yellow
  • Personal Style: Love furniture with a history….. antiques mixed with contemporary
  • Guilty Pleasure: heavy uniced cake
  • Free Time: Taking a long indulgent nap
Laura Sullivan

Andrea Dalton

Assistant Sales Manager | Design Consultant


  • Movie Genre: Historical Drama
  • Most Alive: When I have my three kids together in one location at the same time ūüôā
  • Color: Coral
  • Spirit Animal: Every animal especially dogs
  • Personal Style: Casual with a flair of coastal, and minimal
  • Inspiration: Music
  • Guilty Pleasure: Catching an episode of General Hospital
  • Free Time: Coffee dates with my husband, porch & wine dates with anyone, playdates with my niece & nephew
Laura Sullivan

Dawn Treneman-Jones

Interior Designer


  • Movie Genre: Comedy or Crime Dramas
  • Most Alive: In the woods
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit Animal: Unicorn
  • Personal Style: Trendy with a personal touch
  • Inspiration: My mother and grandmother
  • Guilty Pleasure: Doughnuts, furniture and spending all day in my pajamas
  • Free Time: Hiking, baking, reupholstering furniture and gardening
Laura Sullivan

Evey Little

Sales Consultant


  • Movie Genre: Rom-Com and Historical Dramas
  • Most Alive: Creating
  • Color: Teal, Navy, and accents of Coral, but talk to me again tomorrow.
  • Spirit Animal: Hummingbird
  • Personal Style: Eclectic fusion of Modern and Vintage
  • Inspiration: Mother Nature
  • Guilty Pleasure: Matcha Latte
  • Free Time: Yoga, cooking, gardening, and hanging out with friends and family
Laura Sullivan

Lisa Chamberlin

Interior Decorator


  • Movie Genre: Independent and Foreign
  • Most Alive: When I’m outside in nature
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit Animal: Owl
  • Personal Style: Eclectic mix of Contemporary + Vintage statement pieces, peppered w/ art, textiles, and finds from travels
  • Guilty Pleasure: Pizza, beer, and a rom-com
  • Free Time: Gardening, painting, going on adventures
Laura Sullivan

Kayla Burris

Interior Designer


  • Movie Genre: Documentaries & Mystery
  • Most Alive: Creating in any form
  • Color: Tricorn Black, Hunter Green & Royal Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Moira Rose
  • Personal Style: Modern with Vintage Accents
  • Inspiration: Art, spending time with my family & shopping
  • Guilty Pleasure: Watching the Real Housewives & Starbucks iced coffee
  • Free Time: Spending time with my dogs, painting & making jewelry
Laura Sullivan

Ashley Lemoine

Trade Liaison


  • Movie Genre: Historical fiction, documentaries
  • Most Alive: Spending time outdoors
  • Color: Peacock Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Horse / Owl
  • Personal Style: Eclectic mix – Coastal / Equestrian
  • Inspiration: Mountains and the Beach
  • Guilty Pleasure: French Fries
  • Free Time: Gardening, horseback riding, hiking with dogs, camping, and designing jewelry

Linda Campbell Pryor

Sales Manager | Interior Designer


  • Movie Genre: Historical Family Sagas
  • Most Alive: Convertible drives in the mountains
  • Color: All, especially Turquoise
  • Spirit Animal: Butterfly
  • Personal Style: Eclectic, country French with vibrant original art
  • Inspiration: Music and Art
  • Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate and fine wine
  • Free Time: Fused and slumped Glass Artist, spending time with other Artists

Lauree White

Interior Designer


  • Movie Genre: British period romantic comedies
  • Most Alive: Prayer/meditation/nature
  • Color: I love all colors. My current favorite is dark teal.
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Personal Style: Mid-Century Modern Boho
  • Inspiration: Jesus
  • Guilty Pleasure: Naps
  • Free Time: Hanging with my new handsome husband and playing with our Bernese Mountain Dog; Cosmos
Laura Sullivan

Pam Harrington

Buyer | Customer Service


  • Movie Genre: Drama
  • Most Alive: In the garden
  • Color: Pink
  • Spirit Animal: Dove
  • Personal Style: French Country
  • Inspiration: Serving others
  • Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate and coffee beans
  • Free Time: Gardening, sewing and friends

Beth Harry

Design Consultant


  • Movie Genre: Biographies and Rom-Coms
  • Most Alive: Spending time with my young adult children
  • Color: variation of hues
  • Spirit Animal: Dogs
  • Personal Style: Traditional/eclectic – love fabrics, texture and mixing pattern
  • Inspiration: Knowing my faith and beating cancer
  • Guilty Pleasure: Vanilla bean Creme Brulee
  • Free Time: Painting commission art works
Laura Sullivan

Joseph Bowman

Warehouse Manager


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Making someone smile or just able to make a difference in someone’s life
  • Color:¬† Blue
  • Spirit Animal:¬† Deer
  • Personal Style: Contemporary
  • Inspiration:¬† God, family and Tom Brady
  • Guilty Pleasure: BBQ and grape jelly meatballs
  • Free Time: Writing songs or poems to tell stories or just to inspire others
Laura Sullivan

Doug Edwards

Warehouse | Furniture Repair


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Being around others
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Eagle
  • Personal Style: Casual
  • Inspiration: My family
  • Guilty Pleasure: Joking and having a good time
  • Free Time: Hunting and fishing

Mitchell Metz

Sales & Marketing Coordinator


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Making art
  • Color: White
  • Spirit Animal: Crow
  • Personal Style:¬†Scandinavian
  • Inspiration:¬†Perspective
  • Guilty Pleasure: Brie
  • Free Time: Making art
Laura Sullivan

Sasha Sullivan

Senior Executive Vice Human Directives Director


  • Movie Genre: How-To’s about Humanity
  • Most Alive: Hanging out with other humans
  • Color: Treats
  • Spirit Animal: Dogs – a woman’s best friend
  • Personal Style: Treats
  • Inspiration: Being human and other human stuff
  • Guilty Pleasure: Feeding Sean Sullivan too many treats
  • Free Time: Training Sean Sullivan
Laura Sullivan

Karen Turner

Office Manager | Bookkeeper


  • Movie Genre: Rom-Com
  • Most Alive: When I’m outside enjoying nature
  • Color: Pink
  • Spirit Animal: Horse
  • Personal Style:¬† Casual
  • Inspiration:¬† My husband, he is the strongest man I know
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate and more chocolate
  • Free Time:¬† Reading, camping, baking and being with my family
Laura Sullivan

Judy Berkley

Director of Finance


  • Movie Genre: Drama/Mystery
  • Most Alive: Making someone else happy
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Cat
  • Personal Style: Classic
  • Inspiration: My parents and my relationship with God
  • Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate
  • Free Time: My children, reading, baking and Legos
Laura Sullivan

Patrick Rhyne

Director of Brand Strategy


  • Movie Genre: Thrillers, documentaries
  • Most Alive: Sunrise
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Eagle
  • Personal Style: Mid Century
  • Inspiration: Travel, family
  • Guilty Pleasure: Anything chocolate
  • Free Time: Exploring new breweries, travel, family, fly fishing and mountain biking
Laura Sullivan

Sean Sullivan

Studio Owner


  • Movie Genre: Adventure, Action
  • Most Alive: Jumping off a cliff
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Personal Style: Urban survival
  • Inspiration: Proverbs 27:17 ‚Äď As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate covered coffee beans
  • Free Time: Working out, family
Laura Sullivan

Laura K. Sullivan

Studio Owner
  • Movie Genre: Adventure
  • Most Alive: When outdoors
  • Color: All
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Personal Style: Contemporary Classic Fusion
  • Inspiration: Romans 15:13
  • Guilty Pleasure: Coffee
  • Free Time: Painting or creating in general


“Beautiful ‚̧ԳŹ store. Great service!”

– Jacquelyn H.


“Great selection of interior items.”

– Lynda S.


“Beautiful furniture with excellent service plus a building philosophy that drive true sustainability! LOVE IT!”

– Hao D.


“This was my first time visiting Atelier Maison & Co. The exterior is well done and the entire renovation quite impressive. […] The merchandising is up to date and relevant. Honestly, I don’t remember when I was last as impressed with a store and its merchandise. The staff was welcoming too. You will be happy that you visited Atelier Maison & Co.”

– Doug H.


“The furniture here is well made, unique and stylish. The staff here are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would definitely recommend a visit!”

– Jillian Z.