Team - Furniture Design Consultants - Atelier Maison & Co.
Laura Sullivan -  Interior furniture design consultants

Kayla Burris

Design Services Manager


  • Movie Genre: Documentaries & Mystery
  • Most Alive: Creating in any form
  • Color: Tricorn Black, Hunter Green & Royal Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Moira Rose
  • Personal Style: Modern with Vintage Accents
  • Inspiration: Art, spending time with my family & shopping
  • Guilty Pleasure: Watching the Real Housewives & Starbucks iced coffee
  • Free Time: Spending time with my dogs, painting & making jewelry
Lisa Chamberlin -  Interior furniture design consultants

Lisa Chamberlin

Design Consultant


  • Movie Genre: Independent and Foreign
  • Most Alive: When I’m outside in nature
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit Animal: Owl
  • Personal Style: Eclectic mix of Contemporary + Vintage statement pieces, peppered w/ art, textiles, and finds from travels
  • Guilty Pleasure: Pizza, beer, and a rom-com
  • Free Time: Gardening, painting, going on adventures
Laura Sullivan -  interior design consultant

Whitney Mayer

Interior Designer
  • Movie Genre: I love the old classics, especially musicals.
  • Most Alive: When dancing!
  • Color: I like to change my mind about color, but lately I’m drawn to periwinkle and deep plum.
  • Personal Style: A blend of old and new. Calming interiors that feel alive and nurturing, with meaningful items that bring me joy. I also enjoy practicing Feng Shui and getting a feel for the energetics of a space.
  • Inspiration: Travel always expands my view!
  • Guilty Pleasure: Trying all of the vegan cheese.
  • Free Time: Board games, music, matcha, hanging with family and friends.
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Catherine Von Canon

Retail Sales Associate


  • Most Alive: Being creative, dancing
  • Color: Green
  • Personal Style: Eclectic
  • Inspiration: My children
  • Spirit Animal: Owl
  • Guilty Pleasure: Reading in bed
  • Free Time: Photography, walks, looking up recipes, and cooking
furniture sales asheville

Nicolette Long

Retail Sales Associate


  • Most Alive: Traveling internationally
  • Color: Can’t settle on one. I like different colors for different situations and moments.
  • Movie genre: Historical British Dramas, Old Classics, Documentaries
  • Personal Style: Contemporary + Asian antique touches
  • Inspiration: Nature
  • Spirit Animal: Falcon
  • Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate
  • Free Time: Peloton, hiking, time with friends and family, creative projects
warehouse deliveries -  interior design consultant

Liz Myers

Retail Studio Manager | Design Consultant
  • Movie Genre: Romcom
  • Most Alive: When I find a great sale or I am on the lake
  • Spirit animal: Ladybug
  • Color: Purple
  • Personal Style: Contemporary with a juxtaposition
  • Guilty Pleasure: Keylime pie
  • Free Time: At the lake with my family or shopping
warehouse deliveries -  interior design consultant

Haley Holder

Retail Sales Associate
  • Movie Genre: Mystery
  • Most Alive: Experiencing something entirely new
  • Spirit animal: Possum
  • Color: Copper
  • Personal Style: Parisian Art Deco or Japandi
  • Inspiration: Achieving something today heartening my future self to be grateful
  • Guilty Pleasure: Matcha or butter
  • Free Time: Podcasts and long walks
Retail Sales and Merchandising Atelier Maison & Co. Asheville

Kloyee Walker

Merchandising Manager


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Doing activities outdoors
  • Color: Green, orange, and blue
  • Spirit animal: My dog Bennett
  • Personal Style: Contemporary, exciting, and diverse
  • Inspiration: Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
  • Guilty Pleasure: Crumbl cookies & the bachelor
  • Free Time: Spending time with family and my dog, cooking, pilates, golf, and pickleball.
Laura Sullivan -  interior design consultant

Karen Turner

Accounting Manager


  • Movie Genre: Rom-Com
  • Most Alive: When I’m outside enjoying nature
  • Color: Pink
  • Spirit Animal: Horse
  • Personal Style:  Casual
  • Inspiration:  My husband, he is the strongest man I know
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate and more chocolate
  • Free Time:  Reading, camping, baking and being with my family
 interior design consultant

Megan Bottego

Customer Experience & Events Manager


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Under the tattoo gun
  • Color: Most drawn to a natural color palette
  • Spirit Animal: Hummingbird
  • Personal Style: Mix of many
  • Inspiration:  My husband and children
  • Guilty Pleasure: A cocktail & a great view which isn’t hard to find in Asheville
  • Free Time: Exploring new places with family and friends.
Grace Brady -  Interior furniture design consultants

Grace Brady

Administrative Assistant


  • Movie Genre: Thriller
  • Most Alive: When travelling or skiing/snowboarding!
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Spirit Animal: Otter
  • Personal Style: Street-stye
  • Inspiration: “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” Acts 20:24
  • Guilty Pleasure: The occasional Jack Harlow or Olivia Rodrigo listening sesh!
  • Free Time: Spending time with my husband & our golden retriever, enjoying family time, playing music or making all kinds of coffee.
 Interior furniture design consultants, Asheville NC

April Allen

Data & Ecommerce Specialist


  • Movie Genre: Psychological Thrillers
  • Most Alive: Lying in my bed in the dark, listening to Animal Crossing Music.
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Leviathan
  • Personal Style: Well adjusted Shut-in
  • Inspiration: Myself, the only one who truly matters.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Drinking obscene amounts of caffeine and then taking a nap.
  • Free Time: Lying in my bed with my dog, talking about our problems.
 Interior furniture design consultants, USA

Bonnie McIntosh

Interior Designer/Merchandiser


  • Movie Genre: Classic American Film & British Period Drama
  • Most Alive: With family, gardening, hiking, and travel
  • Color: “Periwinkle” Crayon
  • Spirit Animal: Dog
  • Personal Style: Eclectic mix, largely traditional
  • Inspiration: God and family
  • Guilty Pleasure: Pizza and Scottish shortbread
  • Free Time: Lounging on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee or tea, enjoying cheese and crackers while watching an old movie.
 Interior furniture design consultants

Mitchell Metz

Marketing Director


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Making art
  • Color: White
  • Spirit Animal: Crow
  • Personal Style: Scandinavian
  • Inspiration: Perspective
  • Guilty Pleasure: Brie
  • Free Time: Making art
warehouse deliveries -  Interior furniture design consultants

Nicci O'Kelley

Facilities Attendant


  • Movie Genre: Anything Disney
  • Most Alive: When I’m in nature
  • Color: Pink
  • Personal Style: 90s grunge
  • Inspiration: My children
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
  • Free Time: Family, reading, hiking, camping
 Interior furniture design consultants

Nick Blackstone

Warehouse Manager


  • Movie Genre: Independent & Action
  • Most Alive: At high rates of speed
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Lion / Spider-monkey
  • Personal Style: Trendy
  • Guilty Pleasure: A whole box of Oreos with milk
  • Free Time: Spending time with my son and riding my motorcycle
Laura Sullivan -  Furniture design consultants in usa

Doug Edwards

Warehouse | Furniture Repair


  • Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Most Alive: Being around others
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Eagle
  • Personal Style: Casual
  • Inspiration: My family
  • Guilty Pleasure: Joking and having a good time
  • Free Time: Hunting and fishing
 Furniture design consultants in usa

Rob Desmond

Warehouse | Delivery Associate


  • Movie Genre: Mystery Thrillers
  • Most Alive: When playing hockey
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Personal Style: If Kurt Cobian got older and had to get a real job.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Pop Punk music
  • Free Time: Playing guitar
Kutta - Furniture design consultants in usa

Sasha Sullivan

Senior Executive Vice Human Directives Director


  • Movie Genre: How-To’s about Humanity
  • Most Alive: Hanging out with other humans
  • Color: Treats
  • Spirit Animal: Dogs – a woman’s best friend
  • Personal Style: Treats
  • Inspiration: Being human and other human stuff
  • Guilty Pleasure: Feeding Sean Sullivan too many treats
  • Free Time: Training Sean Sullivan
Laura Sullivan - Chief Furniture design consultants in usa

Laura K. Sullivan

Studio Owner
  • Movie Genre: Adventure
  • Most Alive: When outdoors
  • Color: All
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Personal Style: Contemporary Classic Fusion
  • Inspiration: Romans 15:13
  • Guilty Pleasure: Coffee
  • Free Time: Painting or creating in general
Sean Sullivan (owner) -  Furniture design consultants in usa

Sean Sullivan

Studio Owner


  • Movie Genre: Adventure, Action
  • Most Alive: Jumping off a cliff
  • Color: Blue
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Personal Style: Urban survival
  • Inspiration: Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate covered coffee beans
  • Free Time: Working out, family


“Beautiful ❤️ store. Great service!”

– Jacquelyn H.


“Great selection of interior items.”

– Lynda S.


“Beautiful furniture with excellent service plus a building philosophy that drive true sustainability! LOVE IT!”

– Hao D.


“This was my first time visiting Atelier Maison & Co. The exterior is well done and the entire renovation quite impressive. […] The merchandising is up to date and relevant. Honestly, I don’t remember when I was last as impressed with a store and its merchandise. The staff was welcoming too. You will be happy that you visited Atelier Maison & Co.”

– Doug H.


“The furniture here is well made, unique and stylish. The staff here are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would definitely recommend a visit!”

– Jillian Z.

SFC Employee Gratitude 2023

At the end of 2023, we paused to reflect on our blessings, and foremost among them is the remarkable team at Sullivan Company. We thrive on challenges, revel in collaborative efforts, and appreciate how our work aligns with our individual strengths. Being part of such an innovative team is not only invigorating but also fosters personal and professional growth. We cherish the camaraderie, the support from loved ones, and the opportunity for advancement within this exceptional company.