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Davari Residence

Step into the epitome of timeless style with our Mid-Century Modern Vista furnishing. Inspired by the sleek lines and iconic designs of the mid-20th century,...

Cole Residence

Our designer crafted a bespoke furnishing project for the Mills River Retreat. Inspired by the natural beauty of the surroundings, each element was meticulously curated...

Belans Residence

Transform your living room into a stylish sanctuary with our exquisite home furnishing selection. Featuring the luxurious Barcelona Sectional as the centerpiece, complemented by the...
living room

Beach Residence

View the Beach Residence, a project by Kayla Burris, our dedicated Design Consultant. For your living room, envision a subtle yet impactful change: enhancing the...




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Is Your Furniture Making You Sick?

On the eve of opening our furniture store, I called the dumpster company to set up the trash service for our facilities. While I was speaking with the account representative, Jean, she asked me what...

Why Does Organic Furniture Cost More?

When comparing the cost of organic furniture to that of conventional furniture, shoppers often walk away with a sense of sticker shock. Is organic furniture’s higher price tag just hype, or something more? The most...