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Inspiring Spaces

Mountain Sophisticated

This modern farmhouse living room was reinvented and enriched with sophisticated metallic finishes and sculptural details. The result is a calm, polished aesthetic, and a comfortable gathering space for family and friends.

Inspiring Spaces

Creativity in the City

The design work in this home joined the client’s spirited artistic flair with the practical needs of her family life. It showcases how thoughtful design can create a functional yet playful living space that fosters both privacy and personal expression.

Inspiring Spaces

Sophisticated Chic Abode

Kayla Burris undertook the transformation of this home into a sophisticated chic abode, blending contemporary trends with timeless elegance. Tasked with a full remodel, the owners desired a space that honored the original architecture of the house, featuring...

Sophisticated Chic Abode by Kayla Burris
Inspiring Spaces

Homestead Holiday

This project, aptly named "Homestead Holiday," showcases Kayla's ability to blend tradition with innovation, creating a festive atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring. The exterior of the home is beautifully lit by Winter Star, adding a magical touch to the farmhouse's rustic charm. Inside, eight rooms have been meticulously decorated, each exuding its unique holiday spirit.

Homestead Holiday Christmas Tree Design
Inspiring Spaces

Sleek Sanctuary

In Mills River, a new build curated by interior designer Lisa Chamberlin mirrors the elegance of its residents. The design is fresh and sleek, devoid of distractions, and seamlessly integrates the outside views, creating an airy ambiance.

Living room with Sleek sofa in Asheville
Inspiring Spaces

Reems Creek Cottage

Crafting a cozy retirement sanctuary for this couple was an ideal endeavor for designer Lisa Chamberlin. The final design, a mirror of the homeowners’ unique personalities, weaves together a tapestry of warm, rich colors and autumnal hues, punctuated with Asian motifs.

Living Room design near Asheville
Inspiring Spaces

Designer Spotlight

In collaboration with Sherwin Williams, designer Kayla Burris used a beautiful emerald green called Westhaven, for her spotlight. The vignette is full of rich earthy tones, and bold black pieces, creating a dark and moody sophisticated feel. A star of the show was...

Inspiring Spaces

Clayton, GA

This home sits on a golf course surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes. The client wanted a contemporary look with clean lines, comfortable furnishings and inspired art.