Jacksonville, FL - Atelier Maison & Co.

Jacksonville, FL

A chic fusion of contemporary elegance and coastal charm, our furnishing project with renowned designer Liz Myers brings a touch of sophistication to the vibrant energy of Jacksonville, Florida.

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This client wanted a Mediterranean flair to their home. Liz was lucky enough to design the exterior and water features as well as the interior of the house.

Clayton, GA

This home sits on a golf course surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes. The client wanted a contemporary look with clean lines, comfortable furnishings and inspired art.

Lake Hartwell, GA

The lake house is a true juxtaposition. The exterior is 100% log with a metal roof, yet when you open the front door, you step into a contemporary oasis.

Sapphire, NC

Sitting in a gorgeous mountain view surround, this home is a reflection of good taste, comfortable living, and a great mix of contemporary meets traditional styling.