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The Scanlon Residence

Judy and Bill Scanlon are such great clients because our values are aligned. Many moving parts fell into place to make this gorgeous home. In the video below, Judy Scanlon said her favorite aspect of this house is that when you walk up to the front door you can see the view through the wall of windows on the other side of the house.
You can even see the view peeking through the front door in the picture above.

“It’s rare in life you get exactly what it is you hoped for, and this was a great opportunity to get that, and see it come to fruition.”

– Bill Scanlon

Why We Love This Lot

Building in the mountains can be challenging (and here’s why). One of the first decisions the builder, Living Stone Design + Build, made was to change the house site. They had experience and foresight for that decision. In Judy’s words, “it went from a good view to a spectacular view.”
It also affected the cost. As explained in this blog post, you want to build with the typography, not against it.
In the testimonial video, Bill adds, “It actually made a big difference on the building cost as well because we sited it on a plateau on the lot.”

The Scanlon residence was built by Living Stone Design + Build, designed by ID.ology Interiors & Design and furnished by Atelier Maison & Co.

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