Reems Creek Cottage - Atelier Maison & Co.

Reems Creek Cottage

Crafting a cozy retirement sanctuary for this couple was an ideal endeavor for designer Lisa Chamberlin. The final design, a mirror of the homeowners’ unique personalities, weaves together a tapestry of warm, rich colors and autumnal hues, punctuated with Asian motifs.
Intriguing fabrics adorned with dragons and mythical landscapes add a touch of whimsy, while accessories, handpicked from vintage markets, lend an air of nostalgia and charm.
Nestled within a sprawling 20-acre expanse, this modest 800-square-foot abode commands breathtaking views of the Reems Creek Valley and the majestic mountains that frame it.
In essence, Chamberlin has created more than just a house; she has fashioned a haven that promises years of tranquility and enjoyment.

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