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Homestead Holiday

Our talented designer Kayla Burris transformed this charming farmhouse into a stunning holiday display. This project, aptly named “Homestead Holiday,” showcases Kayla’s ability to blend tradition with innovation, creating a festive atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring.

The farmhouse is adorned with three distinct holiday themes:

1. Winter Chic: A luxurious blend of white, silver, and champagne hues, accented with a touch of glitz, creates a winter wonderland within the home.
2. Rustic and Organic: Embracing natural textures, this theme provides a seamless transition from fall and Thanksgiving to the holiday season.
3. Traditional: Classic colors and nostalgic elements pair perfectly with the farmhouse’s inherent charm, evoking warm holiday memories.

The exterior of the home is beautifully lit by Winter Star, adding a magical touch to the farmhouse’s rustic charm. Inside, eight rooms have been meticulously decorated, each exuding its unique holiday spirit.

A few standout moments in the home include:

– A special second tree in the bedroom, adding a cozy winter chic touch.
– The entryways, overflowing with decor, are truly a sight to behold. Adorned with garlands and bows, these spaces showcase both rustic organic and traditional styles, making a grand statement.

For those inspired by the “Homestead Holiday” project, we offer decoration packages for the holidays. To transform your home into a festive sanctuary, contact our design team today.

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