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Waterfront Lodge

At Atelier Maison & Co., we’re excited to showcase the Waterfront Lodge, where we provide exquisite furniture and accessories. The homeowner’s vision for a warm Midwest-inspired color scheme of grays, browns, rusts, and blacks guided our design process, resulting in a space that combines sophistication with a touch of the natural.

The color palette sets the tone for a contemporary lodge with a focus on natural movement, textures, abundant light, and high-end finishes. A standout piece is a bespoke leather sectional by Bracci, adding luxury and warmth to the living area. Another highlight is a coffee table crafted from sustainably forested and reclaimed wood, showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

At Atelier Maison & Co., we’re not just a home furnishing destination; we’re a brand dedicated to providing design-forward, healthy furniture and accessories, including our exclusive line of green, eco-worthy pieces. Waterfront Lodge embodies our commitment to design, quality, and sustainability. We curate spaces that inspire, comfort, and reflect the unique personalities of those who inhabit them.