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Square Feet

Deceptively Simple

This home is an exercise in subtlety. The first things that draw the eye, both inside and outside, are the clean, low-profile lines and sleek, polished appearance. It seems to be a model of modern simplicity–until you look more closely.

Modern Style

Delightfully Detailed

At every turn, this home has something fresh to inspire and delight. From the light fixtures, to the plumbing fixtures, to the artwork, the home’s smaller elements are its showpieces, infusing every space with art and vitality. .

The moody energy of the home was achieved with an abundance of warm wood accents, lighting, and warm pink wall colors. But there’s also a sense of playfulness in the wide mixture of smooth and rough textures, the expressive use of colors and patterns, and combination of modern and antique accents.

Modern Style

Practically perfect

This is a forever home, and the homeowners were focused on ensuring that the house would be fit for their practical needs throughout their lives. Everything from the zero-threshold entryways, to the elevator, to the fixtures, was chosen and installed with their possible future needs in mind, making the home as liveable as it is beautiful.

Lurel Ledge living room

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