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Laurel Ledge Modern






Square Feet

True Modern Style

Laurel Ledge has a very intriguing and captivating design. It was inspired by true modern style, as is evident from the ultra-clean, geometric lines of the facade, windows, and cabinetry. Asymmetric details add visual interest and artistry, and abundant natural wood and stone balance the modern feel with an organic sense of warmth.

Modern Style

Natural Balance

Our favorite aspect of Laurel Ledge is the way it blends into nature. The home is located in the Couch Mountain community, and built to fit perfectly on top of a rock outcropping overlooking Hendersonville. The view is the absolute star of this home, and everything was designed around it. The designer selected furniture with an understated modern aesthetic, and used earth tones and natural finishes to compliment the ample windows and views. Our accessories take center stage with the gorgeous asymmetrical built-in display shelving.

Sublety and Drama

The small details of our pieces complimenting the larger design of this home is a great example of how you can use both subtlety and drama to perfectly balance a living space.

Lurel Ledge living room