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Free Marketing

These are gifts that you can give to your clients, or we can send on your behalf, so you can stay engaged and on the top of their mind. It will also take your project photos to a whole new level.

Better Project Photos

Everyone’s home looks better when it’s furnished. Elevate your project photos with sophisticated and on-trend furnishings.


Live Green

People understand the importance of green building, but these homes are often filled with toxic unsustainable furniture. Go the extra mile with your clients by helping them live green in their green home.

Win Win

Your clients are coming into our studio either way. Create an account and register your clients to see your benefits.

Why Should We Support Our Competition?

Living Stone Design & Build, and ID.ology are the sister companies of Atelier Maison & Co. Our vision is way past these companies though. We are focused on the rapidly growing market of people who care about the environment and their health. It’s about synergy and win-win strategies for everyone.

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