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Benedict Sectional

The Benedict Sectional is a modern design with clean lines and sleek metal legs in black rust. It has a fresh and functional aesthetic with no-sag support. It has a smaller scale footprint, making it ideal for apartment living and suitable for any occasion.

This product has our top-tier of green rating.

It is bench-made in L.A. with FCS certified wood and 8-way hand tied support.

The construction includes organic cotton, natural wool, organic latex, jute webbing, FSC certified wood, and low VOC stain.

All of the material is sourced exclusively from vendors who practice humane and fair trade business.

This piece is highly customizable. While we carry many items in stock, your perfect fit can be custom ordered.

This sectional is currently on our showroom floor (photographed).
It is upholstered in a performance fabric called Albris Steel, which is 100% polyester, and rated at a 55,000 rub count.


We carry the complete library of fabric and leather that Cisco offers in their collection. Cisco focuses on sourcing natural fibers from the top vendors in the United States and Europe.

We recommend that you schedule an in-person design consultation with one of our to assist in your selection.

In our our Design Resource Center, you can choose from our wide array of textile samples, including performance fabrics, organic fabrics, leathers, and prints.




Overall:108″w 70″d 29″h

Overall Sitting Space:102″w 24″d

One Arm Sofa: 72″w x 36″d x 29″h

Sitting Space: 69″w x 24″d

Chaise: 36″w x 70″d x 29″h

Sitting Space: 33″w x 58″d

Seat Height: 19″h


Sleeper: n/a

Upholstered: Yes

Slipcovered: No

Customizable: Yes

Inside Green Available: Yes


Leg: 6″h

Removable: Yes

Finish: Metal black rust finish


Seat Cushion: Bench Seat

Back Cushion: 3 Loose Cushions

Accent Pillows Included: N/A


Fabric: 25 yards (may vary)

Leather: n/a




Frame: FSC® Certified Hard Wood

Support: No Sag

Made in: USA


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Soft-Fill cushions, offered standard on all pieces, is durable, comfortable, and requires little maintenance. The soft fill seat consists of a foam core encased in two layers of polyester fiber wrap for extra softness. The polyester is air spun so it will not clump or crumble over time.



Feather Cloud is softer and more luxurious than Soft-Fill. The seat consists of the same foam core insert used in Soft-Fill cushions, but is surrounded by a channeled envelope filled with 45% organic feathers, 5% down, and 50% polyester fibers. Channels prevent shifting and clumping. Feathers and Down are pre-washed and air-blown at our factory to reduce dander. Feather Cloud is our most popular fill – offering great comfort and value.


Our top-of-the-line cushions are Feathers and Down. The seat consists of the same foam core used in Soft-Fill cushions, but is surrounded by a channeled envelope of 90% organic feathers and 10% down. The cover is made of cotton, down proof ticking. Feathers and Down back cushions are channeled into cotton envelopes to prevent shifting and clumping. Feathers and down are pre-washed and air-blown at our factory to reduce dander. Even though this mixture requires a bit more fluffing, the luxury and comfort are unsurpassed.

10/90 NO CORE

This cushion option has the same qualities as Feathers and Down, but with no foam core. These cushions require regular fluffing, but literally envelop you in comfort, giving a sense of old world luxury.



Faux feather is a synthetic alternative to our feather down option. It is made of 100% polyester fibers. The soft fiber creates the ultimate down-like sitting experience. We recommend this option for those that are allergic to feathers, but still want the luxurious feel of the Feather/Down option that our basic Soft-Fill does not provide. The seat consists of the same foam core insert used in Soft-Fill cushions, but instead of the two layers of polyester fiber wrap it is surrounded by a channeled envelope filled with polyester fibers.


Our Topper is a slim loose cushion made with 10/90 feathers and down. Because it is designed to be a floppy cloud-like look it does not have a foam core and appears to be under stuffed.




Para Feather is our Feather and Down equivalent to our Inside Green technology. The seat consists of a Dunlop Latex core and surrounded by a channeled envelope of 90% organic feathers and 10% down. The cover is made of 100% organic cotton down proof ticking. Please keep in mind this seat option requires regular fluffing and flipping to maintain it’s shape over time.


Para Pure is an alternative in our Inside Green technology. This seat option consists of the same Dunlop Latex core wrapped in layers of cotton and wool. This is a great option for those who are allergic to feathers.


Standard Stains









Eco Stains







Premium Stains




What is Inside Green™?

Cisco’s Inside Green™ is the ultimate choice for natural healthy furniture. It is Cisco’s uniquely smart, healthy, responsible, alternative method of building furniture made entirely from FSC® Woods, Organic Latex, Jute, Hemp, Wool, Organic Feathers and Down. These natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. Every product in the Cisco line can be ordered and built Inside Green™.

What Is “Organic” Furniture, and Why Is It Important?

The dictionary defines organic as: relating to, or derived from living organisms; simple, healthful, close to nature; relating to or affecting organs or an organ of the body. We’ve all come to understand and appreciate these terms when relating to food and medicine, but the same principles and awareness are rarely placed on the furniture that we fill our homes with. Our goal at Atelier Maison & Co. is to curate furniture that is made as healthy as possible. Cisco acquires raw materials from only the finest organic and sustainable sources. They work exclusively with vendors who practice humane and fair trade business, and are extremely selective when choosing materials.